Tweedy Family Letters

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Joseph Tweedy, the son of Oliver Burr Tweedy and Maria (Lord) Tweedy, was born 17 March 1849, in New York City. In 1876, he and two friends, J.B. Reynolds and E.M. Grinnell, decided to raise sheep in Texas. In 1877, the men brought one of the first flocks of sheep to the Concho Valley. Tweedy is also credited with founding the community of Knickerbocker. He was elected the president for the first Wool Growers Association in the area, helped start the San Jose Irrigation Company, was involved in mining in the Lajitis area of the Big Bend, and operated the general store in Knickerbocker. In 1881, Tweedy returned to New York and married Elizabeth Melleck. By 1884, the original partnership of Tweedy, Reynolds, and Grinnell dissolved, but Joseph Tweedy remained in Tom Green County. He and Elizabeth had four children together. Tweedy died 7 January 1928.