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    • Major Depressive Disorder and Marital Relationships 

      Lindberg, Rachael (2017-04-17)
      This literature review explores the correlative link between marital relationships and depressive symptoms and examines the directionality of marital discord and depressive symptoms as it can vary between individuals. ...
    • Marie Russell Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-03)
      For a number of years Marie Russell served as County Clerk for Tom Green County. During that time (1978-1991), she received many queries for genealogical material. The collection contains two boxes of parallel lists ...
    • Marilyn Mohler Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-01-27)
      While a student under Dr. Escal Duke at Angelo State University, Marilyn Mohler submitted this research paper, entitled “The Hatton Building on Concho Avenue, San Angelo, Texas” and about the Hatton Building (Miss Hattie’s) ...
    • Mary O'Harrow Robinson Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-01-27)
      The collection includes the San Angelo Garden Club Yearbooks, 1956-1969 and 1988-1989; a scrapbook of the 1936 flood in San Angelo; Needlecraft magazines from 1914 and 1919; genealogy; and books. The genealogy includes the ...
    • Maternal influence on juniper consumption in Boer-cross goats 

      Jackson, James (2012-05-12)
      The objectives of this study were to determine if maternal influences increased redberry juniper (Junipers pinchottii Sudw.) consumption by goats. Twenty-one Boer nannies were bred to determine the effects of maternal ...
    • Maternal Inheritance: Love and Self-Identity in Mexican American Literature 

      Gonzalez, Judith (2017-04-28)
      The roles assigned to a woman within a particular culture are defined by the cultural forces that have been set in place as tradition and that have been set as paradigms of what a woman should be and can be identified as. ...
    • Maximizing Your Wealth 

      Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing (2014-04-17)
      The objective of this project was to construct an optimal portfolio for small investors.
    • Measures of Impairment and Activity Limitation Associated with Falls In Ambulatory Nursing Home Residents 

      Moyer, Heidi; Severe, S. Kyle; Gale, Jeff; Braden, Heather (2015)
      Background: The majority of fall risk data is collected from the community-dwelling population, which is not representative of geriatric sub-populations. Few publications are available exclusively studying falls and risk ...

      Sullivan, David James
      During 2012, 30 herbal doctors in Belize, Central America, each viewed 50 plant specimens with reported medicinal value. Each participant was asked to provide a plant name and a medicinal use to identify species used to ...
    • Methodology for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) 

      Goggin, David; Carter, Dr. David (2016)
      Qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were performed using a solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) technique and gas chromatography-flame ionization detector (GC-FID) instrumentation. ...
    • Miles Baptist Church Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-03)
      Miles Baptist Church was organized in 1891, first under the name Missionary Baptist Church of Christ and later as the First Baptist Church of Miles. The collection includes materials used to write a history of the church ...
    • Millennial assessment of credibility among news sources 

      Phinney, Jayna (2012-05-12)
      With so many types of news sources available on the Web, this study sought to examine where those in the millennial generation are turning for credible news and how they are assessing the credibility of that news. A total ...

      Demere, Krysta Dawn
      The objective of this study was to use a molecular approach to analyze the diet of Parastrellus hesperus, the American parastrelle, and determine if the diet varied across sex and age-classes. I collected guano pellets ...
    • Molecular systematics of bonneted bats (Molossidae: Eumops) based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences 

      Bartlett, Sarah (2012-05-12)
      Previous understanding of the relationships among the species of bats in the genus Eumops has been based on phenetic and cladistic analyses of morphological data. The objective of this study was to construct a phylogeny ...
    • Money of the Mexican Revolution 

      Bailey, Don (2014-10-14)
      Dr. Don Bailey speaks to student and community members about the history, money and coins of the Mexican Revolution.
    • Money Talks, What’s The Story? 

      Painter, Brandon (2018-04-17)
      The purpose of this research is to analyze the relationship between a country’s currency and their total imports and exports. Theoretically, a currency’s flotation in value will influence the net imports or exports for the ...
    • Moon Lectureship in Science 2011 - Dr. Susan Lindquist Lecture 2 

      Lindquist, Susan; Zeni, Drianna; Bledsoe, Brian; Chambliss, Terry; Mangrum, Leah; Chambliss, Terry; Mangrum, Leah (RamTV, 2014-10-13)
      Dr. Susan Lindquist talks about how neurological diseases happen and why they happen as part of the 2011 Roy E. Moon Distinguished Lectureship in Science
    • Moon Lectureship in Science 2011 - Susan Linquest Lecture 1 

      Lindquist, Susan; Zeni, Drianna; Clayson, Jens; Mangrum, Leah; Jones, Crosby (RamTV, 2011)
      Dr. Susan Lindquist talks to students about evolution, and proteins, and drug resistance fungi as part of the 2011 Roy Moon Distinguished Lectureship in Science
    • Moon Lectureship in Science 2012 - Jack D. Farmer Lecture 2 

      Farmer, Jack; Weber, Zack; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Miller, N8; Zeni, Drianna (RamTV, 2014-10-14)
      Dr. Jack Farmer's lecture on astrobiology as part of the Distinguished Lectureship in Science Honoring Dr. Roy E. Moon
    • Moon Lectureship in Science 2014 - Nathan Wolfe 

      Unknown author (RamTV, 2014-10-14)
      Dr. Nathan Wolfe speaks on "Exploring the Unseen World" as part of 2014 Roy E. Moon Lecture Series